Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buddy Time

 Grover was lonely...he kept patting the seat next to him, hoping someone would come sit by him.
 Luckily, his buddy Elmo came by and gave him a reassuring pat on the back.
 He taught him how to do fun things like climb in the clothes hamper...

Elmo and Grover had a great talk about hygiene.  Maybe Grover had bad breath or needed to wash his hands or something.
Friends Forever!

Big Bird Found a New Nest

Friday, January 14, 2011


I thought monkeys were really good climbers.  I think it's the Boots that made him fall...he probably needed those good monkey toes to help his grip.

Happy Tummy

Curious George needed to rest after a large lunch of mini Oreos.

Abby Cadabby's Sleeping Spell

 Abby Cadabby was practicing a sleeping spell which kind of backfired...she put herself to sleep, along with Grover, Elmo, mini Grover...
 Big Bird, Tasha...
 mini Big Bird...
and mini Bert.  Hope it wears off soon.

Super Hero Meeting

I found Grover and Spider Man swapping stories in Spider Man's lair.

Thank you Grandpa Claus!

 Grandpa Claus gave Caiti a baby Elmo.  She just absolutely loves him and is glad that mini Elmo has a companion now.

Of course, she still hasn't forgotten who her favorite friend is...

Christmas Friends

Christmas is the best time to make new friends.  Even Daddy got caught up in the excitement of all of Caiti's new buddies.

Change the Station!

Baby Elmo thinks you should be watching Sesame Street...

 So do Big Bird and Grover...what traitors to be watching Nick Jr.

Swiper, No Swiping!

Dinner and Entertainment

 Tonight, for your's comedian, Grover!!!!  Don't forget tomorrow, when DJ Elmo will be rapping to a Sesame Street beat.

While Big Bird Was in the Wash

 After Caiti gave Big Bird a bath in the toilet, mommy thought Big Bird should have another bath in the washing machine.  Cait's other friends, who were feeling super neglected lately, were so glad to get rid of Big Bird for a couple of hours so they could spend time with her.
 Flamingo and Elephant enjoyed their time together one-on-one instead of in a claustrophobic toy box with all the other friends.

It's nice to be reunited with old friends!

Part of the Scenery

 So today I got to be part of Caiti's world.  She decided my knee would make a perfect chair for Big Bird, especially since I offered to hold him up.  Funny.  :)

Down Memory Lane

When I was looking through some old photos, I found some cute moments with Caiti and her friends that happened before I started this blog that I think need to be honored on the blog. 
One of Caiti's earliest favorites...the drums.  She had to take advantage of the times when Garrett wasn't using them. 

The Elmo mailbox always made for entertainment...for us too.  She liked to open and close it like a mouth and make it talk in her best mailbox voice. 
Her "pet fish" provided hours of visual stimulation.  Too bad she broke the glass trying to get them out... 
 We were all thankful for Caiti's friends when she was so sad after she broke her leg last year.  They helped her get through.  See how supportive they were!
 Caiti was so good on our flights to and from Indiana last summer because she had the company of Dora and Blue...of course she was kind of loud when they were having their adventures, but I don't think too many people minded.
During that same vacation, her friends were always there keeping her company and helping her to feel that there was some sort of normal in this weird change in routine.  

Sometimes Caiti made friends out of other mini peppers.   They probably enjoyed a day of freedom with Caiti, Dora and Blue before their awful fate of being eaten.
 This was when she first discovered her new best friend in the world, Big Bird.  That was definitely the start of a great friendship...and many future blog posts.