Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

For Caiti's birthday, we thought it would be fun for her to find some new friends. 
...and we were right!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caiti and Friends: The Movie

Hide and Go Seek

 Sometimes I think Caiti's friends are playing Hide and Go Seek.  Why else would Dora be in the linen closet messing up all my blankets and sheets?
 I don't think Pig will see Curious George.  That was a great place to hide.
 Elmo and Grover easily found Big Bird because...seriously...Big Bird ALWAYS hides there.
 Pig did find best friends, Flamingo and Elephant.  I was just glad they hid by the diapers.  That was pretty smart.  Then they wouldn't have to give up their hiding places if they needed a potty break.
 I think these two thought they wouldn't be noticed if they just played dead.  That never works.
After all, Caiti is good at finding...and hiding her toys.  She always knows where they are.

Bored Friends

Caiti's friends hate when she is at school because mommy makes them hang out in the boring bins all squished together.  Good thing she'll be home soon.  They never have to stay there too long.

Playing Outside

These Sesame Street guys are kind of a clique.  They seem to hang out mostly with each other.

 You'd think they'd let Curious George hang out too, since he's from PBS...but Dora and Baby Jaguar are nice to everyone.

 I knew that more people would end up enjoying the swingset than just Garrett, Caiti's brother. 
 There, they look better sharing the teeter-totter.  Caiti showed them who's boss.  No more leaving the other friends out.
 Boots is a monkey, though, so he can manage something like a teeter-totter all by himself.  He has those great skills.

 All that playing has made Big Bird tired.  His natural instincts led him to this little tree that mommy didn't realize was growing randomly in the back yard.  Too bad he didn't have time to build a nest first.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Caught in the Act

It's Not Easy Being Green


Who knew Caiti's friends were so good at balancing.  I'm afraid of heights.  I would NEVER be as brave as they are.


 Caiti normally screams when we make her take a bath, but we found some of her long-lost bath-time friends and surprised her with them, and she had no problem with a bath after that.
 Of course, the majority of her bath was spent on the outside of the tub, watching her toys swimming and throwing them in to see how big of a splash they would make or if they would float.

Anything it takes to get her in the tub and nice and clean!  I'm so glad for Caiti's friends.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Caiti's Meeting

 Big Bird was hiding this morning...maybe he remembered the oven incident from yesterday.
 Caiti found Big Bird first thing , but then she got a little lonely and found some other friends.
She even found Frog, who was tired from yesterday's TV watching, so she hid in the bathroom today.  Maybe she wanted to remind everyone to brush their teeth.

 Caiti didn't think the bathroom was the best place for Frog to take a bath...let's try the dishwasher.

 From there, Caiti decided to have a meeting with all her friends, so she lined them up so they could see her better when she talked to them.
I think these fishies were a little jealous of where Caiti put Big Bird and Bear...

 and I think Big Bird and Bear were bored...

 But the rest of them seemed happy to be there...even Oscar the Grouch...Odd...

 They always say to look for pigs in the kitchen...

 Of course Flamingo and Elephant were sitting by each other for Caiti's meeting.  These two are the best of friends.  You will never find one without the other...and their other best friend is of course, Caiti.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Found on Oct 15

This is my pretty daughter, Caiti.  She is one of my three children, all of whom are considered to be on the autism spectrum.  It has taken me a while to get used to the idea, but I couldn't ask for sweeter kids.  I talk about all of them on my other blog,, but I decided to dedicate an entire blog to Caiti and her "friends" that always keep her company and who I find throughout my house and in the yard every day.  It always makes me smile when I'm "Finding Caiti's Friends." 
Unfortunately, one of the places Caiti's friends seem to like to sit the best is the oven.  I am really good at checking now since I helped her Ernie doll get a tan one day when I preheated the oven for fries.

 I also am glad I kept this cupboard clear, because her friends sit in it all the time, and I know Caiti would make a spot for them in the cupboard if I hadn't already.
 And of course, anytime we watch TV, there is always a friend or two or three watching us watch our shows.