Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playing Outside

These Sesame Street guys are kind of a clique.  They seem to hang out mostly with each other.

 You'd think they'd let Curious George hang out too, since he's from PBS...but Dora and Baby Jaguar are nice to everyone.

 I knew that more people would end up enjoying the swingset than just Garrett, Caiti's brother. 
 There, they look better sharing the teeter-totter.  Caiti showed them who's boss.  No more leaving the other friends out.
 Boots is a monkey, though, so he can manage something like a teeter-totter all by himself.  He has those great skills.

 All that playing has made Big Bird tired.  His natural instincts led him to this little tree that mommy didn't realize was growing randomly in the back yard.  Too bad he didn't have time to build a nest first.

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