Saturday, October 16, 2010

Caiti's Meeting

 Big Bird was hiding this morning...maybe he remembered the oven incident from yesterday.
 Caiti found Big Bird first thing , but then she got a little lonely and found some other friends.
She even found Frog, who was tired from yesterday's TV watching, so she hid in the bathroom today.  Maybe she wanted to remind everyone to brush their teeth.

 Caiti didn't think the bathroom was the best place for Frog to take a bath...let's try the dishwasher.

 From there, Caiti decided to have a meeting with all her friends, so she lined them up so they could see her better when she talked to them.
I think these fishies were a little jealous of where Caiti put Big Bird and Bear...

 and I think Big Bird and Bear were bored...

 But the rest of them seemed happy to be there...even Oscar the Grouch...Odd...

 They always say to look for pigs in the kitchen...

 Of course Flamingo and Elephant were sitting by each other for Caiti's meeting.  These two are the best of friends.  You will never find one without the other...and their other best friend is of course, Caiti.

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