Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hide and Go Seek

 Sometimes I think Caiti's friends are playing Hide and Go Seek.  Why else would Dora be in the linen closet messing up all my blankets and sheets?
 I don't think Pig will see Curious George.  That was a great place to hide.
 Elmo and Grover easily found Big Bird because...seriously...Big Bird ALWAYS hides there.
 Pig did find best friends, Flamingo and Elephant.  I was just glad they hid by the diapers.  That was pretty smart.  Then they wouldn't have to give up their hiding places if they needed a potty break.
 I think these two thought they wouldn't be noticed if they just played dead.  That never works.
After all, Caiti is good at finding...and hiding her toys.  She always knows where they are.

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